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What does my ticket come with?

1 Entry + Game Ticket: Entrance and a laser tag game for one person.
1 Entry + 1 Game + 1 Drink Ticket: Entrance, a laser tag game, and one drink (i.e. a Mimosa, a Corona, a Vodka Soda etc…) for one person.
5 Entries + 5 Games Ticket: Entrance for up to 5 people, and 5 laser tag games. Meaning 5 people can play 1 game each, or 2 people can play several games etc.

How do I reserve a table without buying a bottle?

First come first serve on open tables

Can I pre-order food?

No, food is bought a la carte

How much do extra games cost?

Extra games start at $20 at the venue, if you’d like to pre-order extra game packages for at a discounted rate, please contact us.

Have another question?

E-mail us at info@lazerzoo.com or call us at 201-921-9001.